Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our first blog post ever!

Hi! We're Stephanie and Meenal. We both teach first grade at two different schools in a western suburb of Cleveland. Last year we had the chance to teach first grade together and it was a match made in heaven! Meenal was good at coming up with ideas while Stephanie was the tech-savvy perfectionist who polished everything until it gleamed!
Along the way, we found out that we both have this one thing in common-we are night owls! In addition to teaching full-time, Stephanie parents four school-aged daughters and Meenal has two kids who are freshmen in college. So over the years, we both have realized that we do our best work late at night when the family is asleep. Thus, we've become the consummate night owls.
Since our discovery of the world of teacher bloggers, we have revitalized our teaching. We frequently follow others in search of one more way to teach something better. We can frequently be found on Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Teachers Notebook looking for ideas to change things up and thereby keep our teaching fresh.
Then one day we realized that we too had the capacity to be contributors and share our expertise with others. So we met for dinner and began our journey. Who knew Mexican food could be so inspiring?
So here we are...with a deep breath, shoulders straight, and a can-do spirit, we're off. Wish us luck!