Sunday, August 3, 2014

Who Doesn't Love a Sale???

Pssst....Hold off on those TPT purchases for just a little while longer! Your patience will pay off! Their huge sale is being held Aug 4-5. My store will be 20% off and many other sellers will be offering great deals as well. With all the money you save, you can buy a few more bottles of glitter glue, Diet Coke, or hand sanitizer (you'll thank me later for the ideas).

So...are you ready for tip #2 in our efforts to get and stay organized? 

 (Sorry the picture is dark! Still working on camera skills!)

I got this idea from my partner teacher Sandi Hoon. These cardboard boxes (also called magazine holders) marked with days of the week are perfect for sorting worksheets, mail, and any other papers you will need for each day. As soon as you make your copies, put them in the right box. If you don’t get to them, just move them to the next day’s box. 

A bonus tip is to leave extra copies in the correct day’s box.  That way, when a student returns after being absent, you’ll have their make up work at your fingertips!

This REALLY comes in handy when you have to call in sick and have your plan book at home with you! At least your sub will have the resources they need to get through the day while you sip on hot tea and chicken soup.

Don’t forget to comment with your great ideas also!