Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thank you for your patience!

We're baaaack!
Hi! Sorry for the incredible delay in posting! Life just got in the way. 
But with all the snow days we've had lately, I feel like we're a bit ahead of the game, for once. So I managed to create a new file for the Chinese New Year to post in our store at TeachersPayTeachers. Unfortunately, uploading it didn't work for some reason. So I went onto TeachersNotebook and signed up for a store there. And the upload worked! Too bad it's a day late! Oh well, maybe someone can use it for next year! 
I went ahead and tried it out with my class yesterday. They were absolutely THRILLED to get a little red lucky envelope sealed with an Asian stamp with a fortune tucked inside. You would have thought I had handed them an envelope filled with money! 
They giggled as they read their fortunes. And I heard oohs and ahs as they claimed their fortunes came true. The little girl who got "You will smile at someone" giggled as another boy pointed out to her that she was always smiling so it obviously had to be true. A boy who got one that said "You will take 100 steps or more today" opened his eyes wide in amazement as he claimed that he never thought he did that much walking in one day!
I have 22 students and had 33 fortunes. So I read all the leftover ones aloud at the end. They were all pointing out that these were all true for me (especially the one that said I would be cleaning something soon--ahem, as in my desk!).
Here is the cover of my upload:

I was really happy with the purchase I made of Chinese clip art. It makes it all look so polished. Here is a sample page of the kid-friendly fortunes I created:
Here is what the final envelope looked like:

So darn cute, right? 

You can get this fabulous file by clicking on the following link:

It's parent-teacher conference time. I'd better get back to work!
Be back sooner this time!

Meenal Parikh

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